The Range Cafe

It’s a great day for a drive just out of town, with the slight chill in the air and the promise of cooler weather. I find myself at The Range Cafe in Bernalillo, where the huevos rancheros are anxiously waiting. The Range is yet another New Mexico eating establishment well-known for its huevos. I personally love coming to this particular location.

The eggs are cooked to order, but I hardly notice them because of the delightfully colorful blend of ingredients on the plate. Starting out with blue corn tortillas, which have a solid, earthy taste, the eggs are surrounded by “Range Fries”, pinto beans, and of course red and green chile.

The Range Cafe huevos rancheros

My favorite part, besides the taste, is the brightness of the colors and the way everything mixes together. Tasty, thick white cheddar cheese tops the natural and nicely cooked beans, and the “Range Fries”, sliced potatoes perfectly cooked crispy outside, soft inside, are a perfect, and not overbearing, side. Even the shredded green leaf lettuce and diced tomatoes are a natural fit.

I usually start with the green chile, but for some reason this time I choose to start with the red. With a smoky good taste, the heat is mild, and does not linger. The color is deep red, which always seems the most appealing to me; usually this means a red I can eat with almost anything. The green is spicier, mild to medium heat, also smoky with a couple of chunks of cooked tomato, and lingers well. Apparently I made the right choice by saving the green till last, including its ability to infiltrate to the last bite of beans and buttered and salted tortilla.

I won’t say anything about the flour tortilla, except that in earlier posts I have mentioned how certain eating establishments, should they not make their own, ought to think about “importing” The Frontier’s tortillas. Just sayin’.

The cafe barista makes a perfect cafe au lait, and I dare not order one of the amazing-looking desserts because I am pleasantly full. All in all, I’m at home on The Range, where the service is friendly and food fulfilling.


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