Casa de Benavidez

4th Street in the North Valley sports some quaint shops, eating places, and residential delights. Casa de Benavidez is right at home here, with the eating establishment in front and the carryout and cafe in the back. Somehow I knew the huevos rancheros here would be yummy. Indeed they are!

Casa de Benavidez huevos rancheros

So, out comes the plate with a great-looking swath of food. I barely notice the corn tortillas on the bottom because they are pleasantly draped with my over easy eggs smothered with Christmas, whole refried beans covered with cheddar cheese, and perfectly cooked hash browns. A light lettuce and tomato garnish tops the plate.

The green chile has a good, sweet-roasted pure taste. Mild in temperature and heat, and very pleasant to eat- probably on almost anything. The red I like even better. It too is slightly sweet, deeper and a beautiful red color. The taste is rich and longer lasting on the back end, yet still leaning towards mild in heat. My friend Renee says, “I would eat it with a spoon.”

Lightly brushed with butter, home-made flour tortillas are served on the side. No need for extra butter or salt on these tasty tortillas. The chips and salsa brought out as a courtesy as we first sat down are no exception either. Yellow corn chips are light, crispy, yet hearty, and the salsa has a nice bite. Coffee is fresh and strong too. Post-meal margarita is typical, a little on the sweet side.

All this is takes place on the amazingly beautiful and lush Casa de Benavidez patio, complete with koi pond and hanging plants. I momentarily forget I’m in Albuquerque’s North Valley, as the air is slightly humid and just overcast enough to cool the late summer day down. Only thing I wish other than what is, is to hear the Spanish guitar music I heard in the lobby and restaurant on the way in- also played on the patio. It will be hard to not come back here sooner than later.


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