Tia Sophia’s

Tia Sophia’s is just off the Santa Fe Plaza, a valve just off the heart… and any Northern New Mexican cowboy might agree that the huevos rancheros here are true to their name. A skillet arrives full of huevos and ranch-style pinto beans. No frills here, just the real thing.

Tia Sophia's huevos rancheros

Atop soft corn tortillas are perfect eggs with just the right amount of cheese draped over. The beans, though ranch-style, retain their inherent natural pinto taste without much need for extra spice in the juice/stock they were cooked in.

The green chile is light and airy in its juice with just enough heat, and a very fresh, natural taste. I use every bit of it in the end- mixing it with the beans too. The red is bright and tangy with a little more bite than the green. Not as long lasting and a little more harsh. Like the green, it is not very smoky, rather light in consistency- as if they just created both fresh today.

Sopapillas are served on the side, hearty and tasty. I can *almost* finish a good sized one, half with my eggs, and the other half filled with honey. There’s even a mix of cinnamon and sugar on the table for those who prefer that to honey with their deliciously home-made sopapilla.

Coffee is good, and I use some of that cinnamon and sugar mix to spice it up. One must look for the sign hanging outside the coffee shop-style location, one of the many shops along the side streets of The Plaza. Best part about the huevos today? Sharing the experience with Dad. 🙂


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