Tim’s Place

At Tim’s Place, known as, “The World’s Friendliest Restaurant,” one can expect Breakfast * Lunch * Hugs. Oh, and good huevos rancheros. I didn’t get a hug today, but my friend did; instead I get a good, solid handshake from Tim- but he can see I am busy eating and enjoying: A nice plate of food arrives with eggs cooked perfectly, smothered with smokey green and red chile.

The sides are home-cooked papitas, not greasy and cooked just right, and whole pinto beans, also cooked perfectly with no bells and whistles. A tasteful garnish of lettuce and tomato tops, with a sprinkling of cheddar-jack blend of cheese, as the Christmas chiles ooze over the eggs. Yum.

The green is my favorite here. Very tasty, obviously a particular recipe, smokey, including the black-char that comes with fresh roasted green chile peppers, some tomato and spices, but not so much that the flavor of the green loses its potency. Heat is medium with wonderfully lingering flavor. The red is good, but it looks better than it tastes; there is not much lingering taste, and the heat is medium seeming a little spicier at first bite. I digress to the green, an order of extra on the side.

Tim's Place huevos rancheros

Two small, tasty, home-made tortillas are perfect with butter and salt to help sop up all that delicious chile. Otherwise, tortilla chips and a side of crispy bacon is typical yet still nothing to complain about. Cafeteria-style open restaurant is run by team-playing servers and of course Tim himself. Today there is a man fashioning balloon animals for the kiddos, not exactly the most relaxing of places, but fun to boot and family friendly. As Tim leaves for the day, he is sure to say goodbye and thank you to all the patrons still eating. Cheers to Tim and his Place! If you don’t know about it, you should.


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