Los Compadres

In the heart of the South Valley, off Isleta Blvd, is a mom & pop Mexican restaurant called Los Compadres: with huevos rancheros to die for. Or make sure you eat some before you die, for it will give you comfort. Huevos are cooked perfectly and placed atop a thick, earthy, soft corn tortilla.

Small cut, perfectly cooked and lightly spiced papitas and tradional refried beans are the sides, and a cheddar/jack cheese mix tops the beans and eggs. No garnish here; just the facts.

The fact of the chile is that I’ve never had Christmas so integrated in taste and consistency. The amazing thing here is that the green and red work together seamlessly, and I cannot stay at one for too long without having to taste the other. The green is smokey and rich, with a slight sweet flavor and medium heat that lingers. The red is bright, a little tangy, but also rich enough to complement the green, though with not as long lasting flavor and a little less heat.

Los Compadres huevos rancheros

The truth here, is that every aspect of this food is perfectly complemented to each other, together creating a certain “comfort food” quality, clearly home-cooked and with love.

The flour tortilla on the side, also homemade and with some taste, is served with butter. Chips and salsa automatically is served upon being seated. The chips are also homemade, earthy and crispy with flaky grain salt from the shaker on the table. A small order of steak fingers is added as an inexpensive appetizer, and an added (and not greasily fried) protein.

With a menu description of, “Dos huevos a su gusto. Con dos tortillas de maiz abajo, frijoles y papas, chile rojo o verde”, you know it can only be one thing: delicious! In an old building in the South Valley, the place is clearly family owned and run, and you might want to brush up on a little Espanol (in the food sense) prior to your visit, which I do recommend.


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