At Gabriel’s on Banana Lane (and on the Camino Real North of Santa Fe), the late summer sky is churning with storm clouds in the distance and a table on the patio is key. Huevos Rancheros is on the lunch menu only, but I think the cooks are happy to make huevos any time of day. With the freshest of ingredients, the eggs are cooked to order set atop soft corn tortillas.

On the side is corn one could loosely call “calabacitas”, refried beans and Spanish rice. An elegant and non-distracting garnish of a few black beans and a stripe of sour cream tops the full plate.

Gabriel's huevos rancheros

Green chile is chopped in a light natural juice that has a buttery, freshly roasted taste with a lingering mild to medium heat.

New Mexico red is at its best here: perfect consistency with medium heat and one can taste the essence of a true red- no extra ingredients needed in this special sauce. Deep but also wide in taste.

Notable are the hearty tortilla chips and extremely fresh salsa, bright in color and tangy with a mild bite. The tableside guacamole, Gabriel’s famous “Guacamole Especial,” is incredible with the freshest (and perfectly ripe) avocado, chopped tomato and onion, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, a touch of salt and squeezed lemon.

The margaritas are typical, as well as my preference of “on the rocks with salt”. Light, and airy, as the breeze on the patio and a killer view.


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