Duran Central Pharmacy

These huevos kicks are at Duran Central Pharmacy Restaurant, a local legend I enjoy even though my over-easy eggs are a bit overcooked. These huevos are served on a naked plate: without tortilla on the bottom, yet the plate is full of food. Served with slightly refried whole pintos and what I’d call “mash whites” (somewhere between hash browns and mashed potatoes). Straight up cheddar cheese lightly tops my eggs and without garnish. Simplicity is nice at times- in this case it happens to be a unique simplicity.

Chopped green New Mexico chile was served in its juice with a light pork flavor and medium to mild heat; the first bite is strongest then it cools from there. The typical New Mexico red chile is bright, thinner, and has a deeper and longer lasting heat than the green.

Okay, the fact of missing tortilla underneath is far and away made up for by the massive homemade tortilla served on the side already lightly buttered. Delish. I really, really appreciate a tasty tortilla!

Duran Central Pharmacy huevos rancheros

The typical iced tea is refreshing as I sit on a hot afternoon during off-hours on the patio with fountain and Spanish tile, clouds and blue sky through the awning. Yes, this is Route 66 (Central Avenue) with traffic just outside the wall and Duran Central Pharmacy inside, past the coffee shop atmosphere restaurant.


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