Rancho de Chimayo

How can one go wrong sitting on the outdoor terrace eating traditional green-chile-fied huevos rancheros at Rancho de Chimayo? Eggs cooked to order with traditional refried beans and Spanish rice as the side. Lightly fried soft corn tortillas underneath. A sharp cheddar or strong colby cheese tops the Christmas, smothered over the eggs. A light garnish of shredded green leaf lettuce with a diced tomato or two.

The New Mexico red is good, but the taste does not linger. I much prefer the green chile here, no surprise. Mild, but the taste is right on. They even offer a vegetarian chile. This green is very traditional New Mexican in consistency and flavor, smoky mixed with a kiss of tomato. Muah!

If that isn’t enough: the sopapillas are the best North of Sandia Mountain… homemade, large puffy, with a distinct taste, and no grease. I easily eat half of one with my meal alone. The other half filled pleasantly with homemade honey- that you can later buy a jar of at the gift shop, along with red chile, pinon coffee, prickly pear this and that and so on.

Restaurante Rancho de Chimayo, New Mexican

I had a nice, refreshing glass of homemade Sangria; all drinks at Rancho de Chimayo are something special. Even if they don’t look like much, they pack a punch AND you are at high elevation, so beware (in a good way!) The water is cool and clean, and the other food on the tables looks amazing. But, as I’ve a mission, I must stick to my huevos.

The atmosphere is classic old New Mexico, and this restaurant is well into its 40’s. Nevermind the drive up from Santa Fe, Espanola or Taos during a midsummer monsoon. I remember coming here as a child, and the place has lost none of its ristra-ridden charm. I can’t wait for my next visit!


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