Weck’s huevos rancheros are perhaps some of the heartiest in town. Traditional lightly fried corn tortillas hold perfectly cooked eggs with bright yellow yolks. Next time I’ll have to try the eggs poached, as I’m sure Weck’s can pull off a perfectly poached egg. But, for the sake of my journey, I aim to order my eggs over-easy every first time I taste.

Whole pinto beans in a mildly thickened natural tasting sauce and hash browns (best here when extra crispy) are the sides. Cheddar cheese is tasty and there’s enough to string along when lifting your fork off the plate. Typical iceberg lettuce and diced tomato garnish. No bells and whistles here. Until the chile…

Weck's huevos rancheros

The red chile is a deep rusty color, slightly smoky, perfect consistency in order to soak in yet stay on top with mild to medium heat and a deep fulfilling taste.

The green chile, also always tasty, is made a bit thicker than most but delicious and with plenty of chopped green, typically a bit more heat than the red but still mild to medium.

Oftentimes, I order the chile on the side (here in New Mexico we ask for “Christmas” when we want both kinds/colors) if it is my first visit to a new place. However, I can usually trust both chiles here at Weck’s to order on the plate and not on
the side. Occasionally I order red only.

The tortilla served on the side is medium in size and mediocre in taste. I ask for whipped butter on the  side and lightly salt it up to help sop up my wonderfully chile-ridden mess.

Ahh… comfort food at its finest. Finally, Weck’s coffee is always tasty and strong, and pretty much any Weck’s you go to in town (Albuquerque and now one in Santa Fe) is pretty consistent with food and service. A truly great Albuquerque-based restaurant chain. A “Full belly tradition” indeed!


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