Western View Diner Huevos Rancheros

Western View Diner & Steakhouse

On the West side of town, off of Route 66, just East of Coors Blvd, you’ll see a sign with an arrow for “Western View, Steak House, Coffee Shop”. If you’re hungry, go in! Here you will find great diner fare, including my beloved huevos rancheros- and therefore diner fare with chile. What’s not to … Continue reading

Chile Bowl

Chile Bowl

On a chilly winter Sunday I find myself wandering towards the Chile Bowl, a Taste of New Mexico, just North of Downtown Albuquerque on 4th Street. Score! This is the right place for today’s huevos rancheros outing, as the location is in-city, yet it feels like I made my way to the ranch… Looks delicious, … Continue reading

El Charritos

El Charritos

At El Charritos, on Central Avenue on the west side, there is a difference between breakfast and lunch huevos rancheros. However, I don’t think there is much difference having to do with the amount of food one can fit on a plate! This place comes recommended, and it does appear to be a local favorite, … Continue reading

Placitas Cafe

Placitas Cafe

A dusty road on a gorgeous fall day wound around and up the hill to The Placitas Cafe. I am so thankful for the ‘huevos problem’ the folks there claimed they could fix. They fixed it good! Sitting at an artsy rustic cowgirl table with chairs to match (for sale), I don’t think twice about … Continue reading

Papa Nacho

Papa Nachos

On a cute little patio off the beaten path in an unexpected part of town is a neat family owned Mexican restaurant called Papa Nachos. Papa comes in at 3:00 AM every morning to start the meats and chiles, and one can taste the proof. The recipes and tastes seem a bit milder than some … Continue reading

Nob Hill Bar and Grill huevos rancheros

Nob Hill Bar & Grill

Celebrating a friend’s birthday on a gorgeous spring day is a great way to happen upon another subtly unique version of huevos rancheros. Nob Hill Bar & Grill does it deliciously in their local “upscale joint” way. We may be the celebrity sightings of the day, enjoying our brunch on the covered patio. A colorful … Continue reading

El Norteno huevos rancheros

El Norteno

I knew I was going to stop by El Norteno for my next Albuquerque huevos rancheros visit… last week! I just happened upon it while running errands in the northeast heights. I’m so glad it stuck. El Norteno claims “Authentic Mexican”, and I am happy to agree with whatever they say because the huevos are … Continue reading

Greenside Cafe huevos rancheros

Greenside Cafe

When one lives at the the base of a big beautiful mountain in New Mexico, one must, on occasion, go to the mountain, drive around the mountain, and find a nice place to find huevos rancheros on the mountain. In this case, we go to the green side of Sandia Mountain. To the Greenside Cafe. … Continue reading